Shayne Plowman - ISA Certified Arborist ON-0425A

Shayne Plowman - President



Shayne spent most of his early years tagging along with Vic on client properties, and spending time at "the shop". As anyone familiar with family business can attest, this could be considered an "unpaid internship". He worked during school holidays, and could field dress a piston pump by age 14. Shayne joined the company full-time in 1978, after a hasty retreat from the University of Waterloo, where he studied Mathematics, Computer Science, and sleep-deprivation. He attained his ISA Arborist Certification in 1998, and has spent the last 16 years working as an arboricultural consultant.

Shayne steadfastly refuses to allow himself to be taken seriously.

Michael Plowman - ISA Certified Arborist ON-1118A

Michael Plowman



Dipl Hort


University of Guelph

Michael graduated from the University of Guelph (Ridgetown Campus) in 2007 as a Horticulturalist with a specialization in Arboriculture. He obtained his ISA Arborist Certification in the same year, having already logged sufficient practical hours (see "family business/unpaid internship" above).

Michael's areas of specialization include Tree Preservation during Construction, and Tree and Shrub planting practices.

Elizabeth Plowman - Client Support and Mauget Products
Elizabeth "Liz" Plowman - Client Support and Mauget Products


An alumna of both Sheridan College (Theater Arts), and Shaw School of Business (Accounting); Liz found herself inclined to work in precisely none of those fields. She joined the company in 1980, as part of an apprenticeship program. Coming from business family, Liz was well acquainted with the concept of "family business/unpaid internship" outlined above. This quality, endeared her immediately to our Founder, who personally trained her in the use of the Mauget Tree Injection System.

Liz is our resident expert in Tree Injection Products.

Victor Plowman 1915 - 2014 - Founder Victor Cyril (Vic) Plowman (Arborist)
3 December 1915 - 19 July 2014

Father, Grandfather, Mentor, Friend ...


Vic started what would become the company, in 1955 as 'Farm Research Institute' with an idea to provide consultation and products to assist growers in improving crop yields.  This proved to be a somewhat less than lucrative venture, and the company was forced to expand and alter its areas of service.

During this same time period, many new (and to Vic) exciting pesticides were becoming available in the commercial market.  These pesticides, combined with a growing suburban population led Farm Research into the, then infant, field of lawn and tree care.  This was ideally suited to Vic's natural thirst for knowledge, and for the solving of puzzles.  He loved to examine and study a new (to him) disease or insect pest; identify it (using an approach very like the medical 'differential diagnosis'); then cross-reference the available pesticides to determine the correct treatment.

One of his first, and most impressive, treatments was the control of Bronze Birch Borer in a row of birch trees - by trunk injection - with hand augers and grafting wax - in about 1959!  That row of birch (a double row actually, along an estate driveway), survived and thrived, until someone dropped a subdivision on them some 40 years later.

Vic never lost his natural curiousity, and whenever he could, he would ignite that spark in up-coming arborists.


His knowledge and his curiosity lives on in all of us.