Tree Protection and Preservation Plans

Build for today while preserving trees for tomorrow.

Our dedicated staff of ISA Certified Arborists can help your with all of your tree preservation needs.

Most municipalities now require a comprehensive tree inventory and tree preservation plan with all construction applications. With us as part of your design team, you won't be caught unprepared!

Complete Diagnostics

Sometimes even nature needs a helping hand.

Call us to arrange an onsite diagnostic visit. Find out what is ailing your trees, shrubs or even your lawn. Our Certified Arborists and Horticulturalists can diagnose most plant health issues, and provide you with a prescription for treatment if needed.

Forensic Arboriculture

When your trees need a friend in court.

We are experienced in providing analysis and expert testimony in most civil matters.

  • Appraisal of damages for trees and shubs.
  • Estimations of replacement or repair costs.
  • Failure analysis - why did a branch or trunk break.
  • Hazard Assessment

Tree Inventory

To better manage your tree care budget, it is essential to have a complete inventory of your tree population.

  • Location
  • Species
  • Size (trunk and canopy diameter)
  • Health
  • Structural Soundness