Our dedicated staff of Certified Arborists can help you with all your tree preservation needs. Whether you require a quick single tree preservation plan; or are involved in a construction project in a delicate ravines or conservation jurisdiction; or if you have a large scale project with hundreds of trees. We’ve seen it all and are here to help. We will work with you, and your architects, to design a comprehensive Tree Preservation Plan for your site.


Our tree preservation plans are the most comprehensive in the industry, and can help to make your permit application process run smoother than ever. All of our preservation plans include:
  • Full tables including Tree identification, DBH (trunk diameter), Canopy radius, Health and Soundness assessment, Distances to construction, construction encroachment calculations, protection zone information, permit requirements customized for your jurisdiction, and (where applicable) trunk leans, canopy offsets, and tree appraisal
  • Comprehensive arborist report, analyzing the various areas or trees of concern on your design/build. We even provide recommendations for minimizing the construction damage occurring on your job site.
  • An arborist sketches showing tree locations (with DBH, Canopy, protection zone radii shown to scale), and tree protection fencing location and design, and protection zone locations.
  • A photo layout with pictures of each tree (or group of trees)
  • Where applicable to the job or required by the jurisdiction our reports will also include for: Tree Appraisals (calculated monetary value of each tree), Hazard Assessments, and any other requirements.

Most Comprehensive? Easy to Say - Hard to Achieve

At Farm and Forest, we don't use that term lightly - never did. So feel free to compare us to any other arborists.
  • Our Tree Inventory is kept in a custom database (not on a spreadsheet). This allows us to cross-reference all of the bylaws for your municipality and apply the correct criteria to each tree. This also gives us a virtually permanent record of all the trees on your property.
  • Our Drawings are produced in AutoCAD; the drafting software used by most architects and engineers. If your arborist uses a paper sketch, your architect has to spend his time redrafting. This saves your architect time, and moves your project along more quickly.
  • Our Analysis software (custom designed, of course) allows seamless integration of Autocad and our Tree Inventory Database, so we can calculate the impact of construction on a tree-by-tree basis, no matter how many trees. This means fewer delays in municipal review.
Combine this with over 50 years of experience in the study of tree health, and you can see why a Farm and Forest Tree Preservation Plan is the Most Comprehensive in the industry.